Shocking Video Of Police Shooting Of Unarmed Black Man In Milwaukee!

Reported By
Kris Ka$h

Another Unarmed Black Man Is Dead Thanks To The Police.

The clip starts showing the police pointing there weapons at a van all while demanding the suspects to get out of the van. As you can see two people a man and a woman appears to be injured slowly made there way out if the van and on to the pavement.

You can here bystanders yelling at the police that they just killed a unarmed man. You can also hear what sound like a women voice scream "All my God" "That's my auntie" referring to the woman suspect.

S Man behind the wheel of the van appears to be dead from police bullets. What we hearing at is the this shooting was not justified.

All we know this latest police shooting is bound to get everyone's talking. I pray things don't get off hand but don't hold your breath!

Do you think this shooting was justified??


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