Celebrity Publicist By Day And Superhairo By Night..

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-Kris Ka$h

Celebriy publicist CeCe Vance called into the Podcast to talk about her career as a publicist and what it's truly like being behind some of today's biggest and well known celebrities on the planet. Read On My Friends!

CeCe Vance have been in the entertainment industry for years. She  has been responsible for assistancing the careers of artists, athletes, actors and models alike, break out of their shells and into the spotlight.

In our Exclusive Interview above, she gives up a few clients names and even let us in on some of her PR secrets. CeCe Vance is one of the most respected publicist in all of entertainment and after you guys check out our Exclusive above, it won't be hard to understand why.

She also talked to me about her doing her thing as an author. She has already written two to 3 books already. The main reason for CeCe calling in was to talk about her new hair care products 'I Am You'.

'I Am You' has been making waves, it even been picked up by Walmart and Amazon. She also told me why she decided to name it 'I Am You' and who exactly will benefit from using her products the most!

If you are looking for a publicist that's on her A-game CeCe Vance is your girl.

 If you have natural hair and have been searching and searching for natural hair care products that actually works 'I Am You' by CeCe Vance is the perfect fit!



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